We have all of the essential data that you need to help identify the properties that you may be interested in purchasing. Once you have shortlisted the properties that you are interested in, then we work with you to acquire those properties. BidSmart.CO is a a state of the art website that has been built to introduce more efficiency and accuracy in the foreclosure purchase process. Currently we are operating in most of the counties in California. We have a large staff deployed in each of these counties and it allows us to gather information from the field and have it updated in the system as quickly as possible. Our field staff is at all of the auctions in most counties and continuously providing updates either directly into the BidSmart system or into the home office operations staff. This is a tremendous advantage for our private clients that work with us.

There is no cost to join our website. You only pay us once we successfully acquire a property for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it cost to join the site?

    There is no cost to join or register on the site. This site is geared for providing useful, necessary and relevant information to our clients and users.
  • What if I am already a client?

    This site is designed to assist with the sharing of information that was previously done using email. You can now log in and get the information at your leisure.
  • What if there are other clients bidding for the same property?

    We treat all our clients equally. You simply indicate what properties you are interested in, and our system will notify us and our bidding staff will be in touch with you.
  • What browsers does this work on?

    We currently support IE 8.x, FireFox, Safari and Chrome only
  • How do I use the system?

    After you log into the site, you will see the properties that are about to go to auction. You can then indicated by clicking on the "moneybag' icon, that you are interested in the property. We will be notified and our staff will then be in touch.
  • Does it work on iPhone or Android?

    Not yet, but you should be able to open the site using your mobile devices browser. We are working on a native app for iPhone and Android phones.
  • How do I fund the purchase?

    All arrangements must be made prior to bidding. Please call 877-747-6095 prior to bidding.

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