There are many advantages to working with us.

  • Leverage your time
  • Leverage your capital
  • Updates to properties in real time or near real time (no other service offers this benefit)
  • Utilize our staff in the field and in the office to obtain current information
  • Utilize the platform to find relevant information and communicate with us
  • Most Affordable service
  • Pay us only when we obtain the property for you

Joint Ventures

  • If you need a partner on your deal to provide funding, then we will work with you to bring capital and resources to acquire, rehab and sell the property
  • Joint Ventures are structured such that it is a win-win for all parties.

Need Private Money

  • We can lend you money on your deals if you need to leverage your capital
  • Our rates are some of the most attractive in the business
  • We make decisions quickly