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Welcome to BidSmart.CO! Your partner in purchasing real estate at auctions. BidSmart.CO is the one of the largest and most trusted bidding services in California. Our team has helped our clients and investors purchase thousands of properties since 2005.

Amazing transformation
House was purchased for our investor Joe Smith on June 18, 2011
for $126,900. After putting repairs of $30,000, the appraised value
of the home was $203,000 The house was sold within one month
of listing for slightly above asking
Concierge Service

Let us know what properties
you are interested in,
and we will take
care of the rest.

At an auction, you are competing against professional sharks. It is best to have a professional from BidSmart.CO on your side.

Work with us!
Contact us to discover new opportunities.

We have a back office staff that is among the best in tracking foreclosure data and updating it as quickly as possible. We assist buyers over all of California.

Busy Professionals

We help busy investors purchase real estate at the auction when they can not be there in person. We created this new platform for busy professionals like yourself.
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BidSmart Advantage

What makes BidSmart.CO special is that we have one of the largest staff of any company in California that is updating the information in real time or as close to real time as possible. Our staff is at the auctions just about everyday.
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Partner with Us

If you need funds or a partner for your deals, we can provide funds, crew and also help with selling and marketing the property.
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BidSmart Platform

We have created a proprietary, state of the art platform for you to find information and save countless hours, when doing research related to purchasing at the foreclosure auctions.
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Our Services

    • Concierge Bidding Service
    • Affordable
    • Benefit from our experienced bidders
    • Extensive research provided
    • Years of successful experience
    • Deep understanding of the legal system
    • Know when to walk away
  • You can have our drivers go out and take pictures and provide estimates for the properties that you are interested in. This saves you time, money. Our drivers will provide key statistics, estimations, condition of the property, yard, roof, foundation. This is essential in arriving at the purchase price.
  • If you need additional funds to purchase your property, we can assist with obtaining funds, or in some instances we may co-invest with you. We have successfully co-invested with many clients.


I purchased a property with Mike Marr on July 2012 and was thrilled with the service. I was able to acquire the property for substantially less than the market rate. Mike and his team handled the whole acquisition process for me. I am a full time electronics engineer and do not have the ability to go to the auctions. It is simply not practical. I needed a professional, trustworthy and professional team to manage the purchase for me and I found that in Mike and his team. Since then I have purchased two more properties with Mike.
John Anderson, Electronics Engineer
I am a full time nurse and a single mom. I was able to work with Mike and his team to acquire two investment properties. Without the help of the team, I would not have been able to make the purchases.
Mary Jones, Dentist

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