has assembled a highly qualified and experienced team to leverage the knowledge related to foreclosures, technology, real estate and more to provide information to our clients such that the information is easily understood, distributed and acted upon in the most efficient manner possible. Information is key to making decisions regarding properties at foreclosure auctions. We strive to provide our private clients with the most up to date information possible.

Bobby Sharma
Chief Technology Officer

Bobby Sharma is responsible for all technology to build this site. With deep understanding of web applications and real estate, Bobby designed, architected and launch this site.

Mike Marr
Co-Founder & CEO

CEO & Co-Founder

Mike has been in the real estate business since 1976 when he first started buy, fixing and selling properties. Mike and his team have purchased over 2,000 properties at auctions in Northern California. The value of these properties exceeds $500 Million and is currently running at about $100 Million per year. Over 80 licensed agents work for him. Mike brings that extensive knowledge of real estate, foreclosures, rehabbing, reselling, understanding and researching titles, dealing with evictions, landlord and tenant laws and regulations, understanding market cycles, and more to the table.

Mike is often invited to be a speaker for real estate events. Mike is a licensed and practicing California Real Estate Broker.

t: 877-747-6095

Erica Marr
Director of Operations

Erica is the Director of Operations at and she has been in the real estate business since 1998. She handles many of the customer facing requirements while managing a team of field staff (Drivers, Bidders, Rehab crews) and internal staff (title research, contracts, banking, listings, etc).

t: 877-747-6095